I need to buy a Computer Maintenance Management System but I do not know jack about choosing one.

How do I choose the one best suited to my needs OR is your question how to avoid paying huge sums of money only to find out you chose the wrong solution? There are some tested ways to avoid pitfalls when choosing a CMMS solution and the trick is to use your buying power as a customer.

It seems safer just going with what company A and X bought. My question is, in a situation where Company A and X made a bad decision and are still paying for it, do you buy into their mistake or learn from it? Why do you need to use exactly what Company A and X are using? Are their operational challenges the…

5 Key Maintenance Summary Reports Every Facility And Asset Manager Needs

When you are a facility, asset or reliability manager, it is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day administrative and maintenance issues and lose track of the bigger picture. There is always something urgent that needs to be fixed, a user’s request that requires your urgent attention, an overdue inspection or a preventive maintenance to be performed and so on. As the Facility or Asset Manager, you need to keep an eye on the facility & asset performance as a whole. You should continuously ask questions such as; are SLA targets being met? which assets or job categories are consuming most of my resources (personnel time and money)? Are my maintenance costs increasing or decreasing? Who are my top and least performing vendors and technicians?