CMMS Implementation | 7 Key Benefits To Your Organization

7 key benefits of CMMS to your organization



Have you ever considered implementing a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to control, monitor and report the maintenance activities of your critical assets (equipment and buildings)? If not, you are missing out on these 7 key benefits.

  • Plan, schedule, and report preventive maintenance

    Computerized maintenance management system automates the scheduling of inspections and maintenance, preventing the occurrence of maintenance challenges and expensive repairs. Proactive maintenance reduces asset deterioration, extends the lifespan of equipment and lower the overall maintenance cost.

  • Manage work orders efficiently

    A  well implemented CMMS will enable you to automate your organization’s workflow. You can schedule, assign, and monitor work orders quickly with great ease anywhere at anytime. And most importantly, a CMMS will make it ridiculously easy for you to report assets’ maintenance history and associated cost.

  • Go Paperless

    Printing is costly, time-consuming and harmful to the environment. Printing is expensive when you consider the cost of ink, paper handling, storing/shelving and time consumed in retrieving the documents. With a robust CMMS system, you can drastically reduce your reliance on paper. It will enable you capture end user requests at the source, gives you tools to seamlessly categorize, assign and prioritize work order and then generate the report for management decision making.

  • Reduce Downtime & Repair Cost

    Avoid costly asset downtime and the associated revenue loss and damage to your organization’s image. CMMS gives you tools to effectively implement your planned preventive maintenance program which enables you to progressively reduce the frequency of asset breakdown and repair cost, slows down asset deterioration, ensure proper asset working condition and most importantly extends assets lifespan.

  • Safety Health and Environment

    Computerized maintenance management system aids organizations in performing periodic safety checks and inspections to ensure that set safety standards and statutory conditions are met. This minimizes health safety and environmental hazards to equipment operators, facility occupants, and other stakeholders.

  • Insight On The Pulse Of Your Organization

    By using a CMMS system, management can analyze historical data and trends, identify problem areas like rising cost, low productivity, and frequency of critical asset repairs. This aids management in making decisions such as asset dispensability.

  • SLA Management & Job Escalation

    You can easily configure the agreed maintenance service level agreements and monitor compliance using criteria such as assets type, job category, and priority.  You can also set multiple escalations levels to automatically notify stakeholders via email and SMS when a job has passed the defined SLA. This can also assist in technician and third party contractors performance evaluation.


CMMS has been proven to significantly reduce maintenance cost, improve maintenance teams’ communication, collaboration, productivity, planning, scheduling, documentation, and reporting. You can measure your critical KPIs in real time, to provides complete performance transparency to support continuous service improvement and objective performance evaluation. To better reward good performance and penalize poor performance.

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