Are you looking at investing in a facility management software? Then read this

Instanta Facility management Software

Do not invest in a facility management software until you have reviewed Instanta.

Instanta CMMS is the only indigenous, comprehensive, customizable and easy to use web based CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) and facility management software in Nigeria.

Instanta-CMMS is built for facility managers and property owners who want to:

  • Give end users a simple online interface to submit asset or building maintenance requests.
  • Easily create, assign, cost, and monitor work orders.
  • Track facilities and assets maintenance history, parts used and cost.
  • Receive automated reminders for planned preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • Receive and track end user feedback and job satisfaction ratings.
  • Objectively appraise vendors & technicians using criteria such as SLA compliance, client satisfaction rating and frequency of repeated jobs.
  • Easily collaborate with all stakeholders via SMS and Email.
  • Apportion service charge & utility bill, send automated invoices and track payment.
  • Perform stock inventory, track usage and reorder levels of spare parts and material.

Why Instanta?

  • Indigenous: Instanta-CMMS is the only comprehensive facility management software developed in Nigeria.
  • Web based and mobile: You can securely access Instanta-FM wherever you are from a desktop or mobile device.
  • Fits like a glove (Flexible, customizable and scalable): Instanta-FM is so flexible you would think we developed it specifically for you. Local seasoned developers are always available to customize the application to suit your specific need.
  • Incredible User Support: Be overwhelmed by our support team’s relentless dedication to customer happiness.
  • Continuous improvement: We regularly roll out minor and major updates, You can be sure you are using the updated version of the App at all times.
  • Unlimited Users: Unlike other foreign CAFM, CMMS software, Instanta-FM is not user licensed. This means you can create users for all your personnel for better control and audit.
  • Resilient, robust and secure: Instanta’s team takes security and availability seriously. Our hosting provider’s facility is ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO50001 and SSAE16 Type II certified. We perform automated offsite daily backups for all servers. In addition, we have configured online replication process to perform real-time copy of all changes to the data on all primary servers to another server located in an entirely separate geographical region. Hence, there is very low possibility of disaster and if it does occur, we have processes in place to recover in minimal time without data loss. We guarantee 99.9% availability. We protect your sensitive data through encryption and role-based user access control.
  • Low risk: Instanta-FM can be hosted on premises or in the cloud. If cloud hosted, huge financial investment procurement of infrastructure (servers and networks) will not be required. Therefore a client can walk away at anytime if the application is not delivering value to the business.

Visit or to request for an onsite demonstration.

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