Computerized Maintenance Management System | Instanta CMMS Management and Operational Benefits

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Instanta CMMS is a comprehensive, easy to use and web based computerized maintenance management system developed in Nigeria by SysServe Solutions Limited. It provides tools to record, schedule, assign, communicate and monitor all assets and inventory management activities, for quick and easy report generation for management decision making. Instanta CMMS can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud, and it enables you to easily track the location, usage, maintenance history and total cost of ownership of your critical assets.

Instanta CMMS modules

Maintenance ManagementAsset and Inventory ManagementFleet Management
Work requestAsset registerFleet maintenance
Work order managementAsset MaintenanceDocument management
Preventive MaintenanceRequest and transfer managementFuel management
Vendor ManagementProcurementTrip management
SLA and escalation managementWarehouse managementOperating lease management
Notifications and reminders (SMS & Email)Diesel and generator managementInvoicing and payment tracking

Instanta CMMS modules are easily adaptable to the requirements of several industries such as Manufacturing, Energy (Oil and Gas), Government, Facilities Management, Fleet Management, Transportation, Educational Institutions, Health Care, Financial Institution, Religious Institution, Hospitality and Recreation etc.

Management benefits of Instanta CMMS

Organizations use Instanta CMMS to manage their critical and valuable assets in-order to:

  • Extend the assets’ life Span: Instanta-CMMS gives you tools to effectively plan and implement OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) recommended preventive maintenance schedules. This helps to slow down asset deterioration, maintain optimal asset working & safety condition and ultimately extend the assets lifespan.
  • Reduce frequency of asset breakdown: With Instanta- CMMS you can progressively migrate your maintenance activities from reactive to proactive, crisis mode to planning mode and disruptive to predictive. Thereby minimizing asset breakdown and the associated repair cost, embarrassment and overall equipment downtime impact on the business.
  • Reduce maintenance cost: Reduce your maintenance cost by 5 – 15% in the first year and up to 30% by the third year. Save cost on reactive and downtime maintenance, reduce personnel overhead, reduce cost of paper printing, handling, storing and retrieving.
  • Save personnel time spent on administrative functions: Studies have shown that half of maintenance personnel time is spent on administrative activities such as documentation, scheduling, planning, communication, resource assignment and coordination. Instanta-CMMS provides tools to automate all these administrative activities, thereby freeing up your personnel time for use in activities that directly benefit the bottom line.
  • Cut down on inventory fraud and leakages: Easily monitor and control inventory activities from anywhere at anytime. Report stock usage, receive automated low stock notification to avoid running out of stock of critical spare parts. Configure maximum stock level for inventory items to avoid overstocking and thus improve cash flow.
  • Gain control and better Insight through management reports: Quickly generate asset performance report, objectively appraise the performance of your technicians & external contractors, monitor SLA compliance and escalate non-compliance.

Operational benefits of Instanta CMMS

Instanta-CMMS provides web-based tools for asset maintenance & operation managers to:

  • Improve the tracking of assets’ location, tag number, serial, manufacturer, supplier etc.
  • Submit maintenance or items requests through a simple online interface.
  • Easily create, assign, cost, and monitor maintenance jobs.
  • Report assets’ maintenance history, spare parts used and cost.
  • Schedule OEM preventive maintenance schedules & inspections, and then receive automated reminders close to the due date.
  • Receive and track equipment operator’s feedback and job satisfaction ratings.
  • Create central database for vendors & technicians and objectively appraise their performance using criteria such as SLA compliance, client satisfaction rating and frequency of repeated jobs.
  • Monitor stock purchase, track stock usage and receive automated advice on minimum stock reorder level and maximum stock level for spare parts, accessories and other consumables.
  • Easily collaborate with all stakeholders via SMS and Email.

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