Instanta CMMS is an easy to use web based computerized maintenance management system for asset and facility maintenance managers who want to:

  • Provide a simple online interface for end users to submit maintenance requests.
  • Easily create, assign, cost, and monitor work orders.
  • Objectively appraise vendors & technicians performance using criteria such as SLA compliance, job satisfaction rating and frequency of repeated jobs.
  • Track facilities and assets maintenance history and cost.
  • Receive automated reminders for planned preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • Perform stock inventory, track material usage and reorder levels.
  • Receive and track end user feedbacks and job satisfaction ratings.
  • Easily collaborate with all stakeholders via SMS and Email.

Kayode Ogunbunmi
Operations | Accounts Unit| Fieldco Limited

My company was faced with the challenges of keeping tab on the issues of our facility management -maintenance job request, minute by minute job progress tracking and reports, materials usage... Read More

Instanta CMMS gives you a single window to manage all your
facilities and assets maintenance activities

Online work request form for end users.

Instanta CMMS gives your end user quick and easy web interface to submit work request wherever they are on desktop and mobile.

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Effortless work order management.

Create maintenance job, assign technician, materials required and cost with Instanta CMMS wherever you are.

Instant access to the maintenance history of all your managed facilities, apartments and assets.

Enjoy seamless work order collaboration and communication with artisans, vendors and supervisors via Instanta's SMS and Email notification engine.

Be Proactive, Never again miss a scheduled maintenance job due to oversight.

Instanta CMMS will send you automated reminders for all scheduled maintenance jobs close to due date.

You can easily monitor all PPM activities, SLA compliance, assignee, progress report, cost and remarks anywhere anytime.

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SLA management and job escalation.

Quickly configure SLA based on facility/project, job category and priority with Instanta CMMS.

Add multiple escalation levels and be notified when a job has passed the defined SLA or due date.

Carry out better and more objective vendor and technician performance evaluation

End user feedback and rating.

Easily receive end user feedback on completed jobs.

Allow end user to rate completed jobs and reopen job if not satisfied.

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Everything you need to effectively manage and appraise your vendors and technician.

View all jobs assigned to a vendor/technician, created payment requisitions and payment history from a single window.

Easily evaluate vendor/technician's performance using criteria such as adherence to SLA, job satisfaction rating and frequency of repeated jobs.

Know your assets' status, specifications and their location.

Up to date central database for all your assets, including specifications, properties and procurement cost.

Easily create, schedule and track all asset maintenance activities.

Gain insight such as asset maintenance history, maintenance cost, depreciation and Know when to dispose an asset.

Log generator running hours and promptly report daily, weekly, monthly and annual total running hours.

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Communicate, collaborate and be notified as never before.

Technicians and vendors get auto-notification via SMS and Email for approved assigned jobs.

You can send announcements and notifications effortlessly to registered facility occupants, users, property owners and artisans.

You receive notification for upcoming scheduled maintenance close to due date.

New end user work request notification via SMS and Email

You can configure when to receive alerts, who should receive alerts and how often reminders should be sent.

Create, send invoices and track payments.

Create and send invoices for maintenance jobs, service charge, space usage and utilities.

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