With Instanta Inventory Management Software you can better monitor, control and report activities related to procurement, warehousing, inventory, material usage, asset maintenance and retirement activities. Thereby improving transparency and significantly reducing theft and fraud.


Track procurement, material usage and transfers.


Intanta Inventory Software gives your end user a simple web interface to submit material requests and track the status of their request.


Use Instanta Inventory Software to maintain updated suppliers details and history, create purchase order from requests and update stock level automatically when supplies are received into the warehouse.


Create goods received note from a purchase order, record quantity supplied, confirm specification and condition before acceptance and subsequent warehousing/shelving with Instanta Inventory Software.

Inventory Control

Automatically update inventory stock level when items are issued and purchases are made. Know which items are in stock, how much of each item is in stock and the usage history of each item.

Item Monitoring

Track material/asset issuance, movement and usage from anywhere at anytime.

Track Inventory Levels

Avoid running out of stock, you receive notification when stock level reach the predefined reorder level

Create Maintenance Jobs For Assets

With Instanta Asset Management Software you can easily schedule equipment maintenance to prevent unplanned breakdown and quickly view asset maintenance history and cost.