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Facility Manager working hard

Let’s face it, facilities management as a discipline is demanding, it is tedious and multi-faceted. This is why;

A look into the professional life of a typical facility manager will reveal a lot, he is responsible for receiving, categorizing and prioritizing end user complaints, communicating with technicians and vendors, following up with procurement for costing, putting pressure on the account’s department to release fund for jobs, communicate work order progress to end user, and ensure compliance with planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedules. But there’s more…

Facility managers also perform routine visits & inspections, monitor HSE impacts on all work orders, ensure customer satisfaction by collecting and analyzing end-user satisfaction ratings and feedbacks, communicate service disruptions and other general announcements to end user. They keep up to date asset registers and inventory counts, maintain the database of customers, technicians, and vendors, appraise technicians & vendors’ performance and monitor SLA to ensure compliance. It does not stop there, Facility managers must submit various timely & accurate reports to management for decision making. But here is the challenge;

For a large managed residential estate, office facility or commercial complex, these activities could easily spiral out of control, become chaotic, and almost impossible to execute all efficiently, which makes productivity suffer.

So how do we bring sanity to this chaos?

The answer is technology. Technology has been proven to improve communication, collaboration, productivity, planning, scheduling, documentation, control, and reporting. Most popular disciplines have specialized software packages designed for them, Accountants use accounting software, HR managers use human resource management application, Architects use AutoCAD, Project Managers use project management software. So why are most facility managers in Nigeria and other African countries not embracing technology? By “technology”, am not referring to email, excel spreadsheet or Microsoft word. What I mean is a specialized software designed for facility management and asset maintenance known as CAFM or CMMS software.

What is CMMS/CAFM software and what can it do for you?

Throughout the rest of this article, the term CMMS will refer to Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and other similar systems such as Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System.

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) are software packages designed specifically to automate and improve the day to day administrative functions involved in facilities management. CMMS provides tools to easily plan, schedule, cost, assign, communicate and monitor all facilities management activities, and most importantly, for quick and easy report generation for management decision making. With a CMMS you can easily track the location, usage, maintenance activities and operational costs of managed facilities and assets.

Which CMMS should you adopt?

Well if you want to adopt a CMMS, you can acquire one of those numerous foreign off the shelf CMMS which are generally expensive (Forex issue), lack local support, not designed for your unique needs and unfortunately have a high implementation failure rate. Or you can hire a developer to build an in-house custom CMMS for your organization, which is even more expensive, has a longer development lifecycle and a higher risk of failure.

Here is the good news;

There is a CMMS that is feature-rich, locally supported and affordable; you pay in naira (no Forex issue.) It is web-based and mobile; can be securely accessible wherever you are and is so flexible and customizable that you would think it was developed specifically for you. But most importantly, it is INDIGENOUS (Made in Nigeria). It was designed from the ground up to fit the peculiarities of the Nigerian facility management landscape. This is the first time we have a CMMS we can truly call our own.

…And that CMMS product is INSTANTA CMMS

Instanta CMMS developed by SysServe Solutions LTD is a ridiculously easy to use, customizable and scalable CMMS solution for facility management organizations & teams of all sizes. Instanta-CMMS is currently deployed successfully to manage over 2000 locations and apartments for work request submission, work order management, preventive maintenance planning and scheduling, technician and vendor management, client feedback collection, asset & inventory management, lease management, invoicing &  payment tracking, and bulk notifications.

With Instanta CMMS you can;

  1. Reduce administrative and operational cost by up to 15-30%
  2. Save personnel time spent on administrative functions such as documentation, planning, scheduling, email & phone communication and report generation.
  3. Extend facilities and asset lifecycle through proper maintenance planning.
  4. Reduce embarrassment caused by equipment breakdown.
  5. Quickly report asset maintenance history and cost.
  6. Cut down on inventory fraud and leakages.
  7. More objectively appraise technician and vendor performance.
  8. Improve service quality by collecting, analyzing and reporting customer feedback for each job.
  9. Configure and monitor SLA compliance and escalate jobs to multiple levels of management.

This is the best part; When you sign up for Instanta CMMS, if the product does not deliver value or if you are not impressed, you get a refund. And there is more, you can save 50% on your first-year license fee if you sign up now with coupon code (FYLF50%).

“Now tell me, why you would rather keep working hard when you can work smarter and better with Instanta CMMS”

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