New Features in Instanta 10.0

Late last week, we announced the renaming of our product SysDesk to Instanta. This event is remarkable in that it ushered in new exciting improvements, features, and modules. This post details what’s new in Instanta 10.0.

Asset & Inventory Management

Instanta asset & inventory application gives you the tools to better monitor, control and report your organizations’ critical assets, consumables, and accessories. It has the following modules:

  • Asset/inventory register: Updated central database of all your assets, consumables and accessories. It contains details such as location, quantity, price, purchase date, expiry date, manufacturer, warranty information etc..
  • Requisition: A Simple intuitive web interface for end users to request for assets, spares and other consumables. And track the status of their requests.
  • Transfers: Create, monitor and report movement and usage history of assets, spare parts and other consumables between warehouses, facilities, and personnel.
  • Asset maintenance: Submit asset maintenance requests, track maintenance history and cost.

In addition, the asset and inventory application is tightly integrated with our fleet management and CMMS application, therefore you can easily add warehouse items to a maintenance job from a single interface.

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Fleet Tracking Integration

This is a major milestone. The new telematics application enables real-time remote monitoring of vehicles’ location, trip history, and mileage anytime anywhere. But there is more, we have integrated the tracking system with our fleet management application, our customers can now enjoy the full benefits of a telematics system at a reduced cost. Here are the benefits:

  • More efficient trip monitoring: A single interface to monitor scheduled trips and actual vehicle movement history as reported by the tracking application. This improves the control and monitoring of vehicle utilization and reduces personnel time spent on vehicle monitoring and reporting.
  • Improved fleet preventive maintenance scheduling based on mileage: You can now configure your “mileage based” fleet preventive maintenance schedules and receive automated alert close to the due mileage/date. This is possible because the fleet management application can now obtain real-time mileage information from the tracking system. This level of maintenance scheduling automation eliminates human error and oversight thereby enforcing compliance with OEM recommended maintenance schedules which are required to keep your fleet in optimal working condition, reduces deterioration and ultimately extend your fleet lifespan.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of fleet tracking solution: When you switch to our vehicle tracking software, we can offer you up to 30% reduction on your annual tracking software subscription fee.
  • Multiple device support: Our tracking software supports multiple tracking devices. Now, this is a quantum leap from the solutions that currently exist in the market. You can significantly reduce your initial cost of deployment by retaining your current tracking devices. You also have the option to procure your own device or choose from our recommended supported devices.

For more information on our telematics solutions, please email or call 012914837.

Fleet Job Order Improvements

  • New job order details fields: The following new fields were added to the job order details page.
    • Priority: Prioritize job order based on criticality i.e low, normal, high, critical.
    • Activities: Breakdown job order into small units of tasks.
    • Notify admin: Check this box to assign the maintenance job to procurement/admin team to procure items such as tires and batteries.
  • Follow-up and job assignment: Click on the job order follow-up tab to add comments, remarks or situation reports to a job order. You can also assign/escalate a maintenance job to another unit or user, e.g to admin/procurement for items procurement or maintenance manager for approval.
  • Manage in-house Technicians: You can now maintain the database of your in-house technicians in the application by adding them as “Technician” on the personnel page. You can then assign a technician to a maintenance job on the personnel tab of the job order page. The technician will receive an automated notification via SMS when assigned to a maintenance job.
  • Mileage validation: We added mileage validation to prevent the creation of job order with mileage lower that the previous mileage entered in the last created maintenance job order.
  • Job card feedback and ratings: You can now perform satisfaction level rating, submit feedback and reopen a closed job order if the job was not done satisfactorily. This allows more objective technician and workshop performance appraisal using criteria such as the number of repeated jobs and job satisfaction rating.

Property Lease Management Improvements

  • We have redesigned the lease apartment page to simplify adding fees, deductibles (e.g. management fee and maintenance cost) and auto-calculation of payables to the landlord, solicitor, and agency.
  • We also redesigned the lease invoice payment page to simplify adding new payments and updating existing payments.

Interface Improvements  & Helpdesk

  • Multi-level-menu: We upgraded our single-level-menu to multi-level-menu which is more structured and intuitive.
  • Requesting for help: You can now submit a request or complaint directly to Instanta support team from your application interface for prompt response and resolution. You can also provide your feedback and satisfaction rating for closed support tickets and reopen a support ticket if the issue was not resolved satisfactorily. To request for help, login to Instanta, hover on the “HELP” menu, then click “Submit Request” from the drop-down.

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